Advice from a Novice/Hobbyist

One of my hobbies is drawing pictures, When I can’t think of any ideas, I just start doodling. It relaxes me. Sometimes from that point ideas start taking off.

Not that you care.

But if you’re  bored just as I am, I just have something that might interest you.

It was May 2. The family and I were out to celebrate my dad’s birthday. While the waiter was taking the orders, there was waiting time. The table was covered with white paper, so guests could draw over it. I just picked a colored pencil and starting sketching my niece without giving it much thought. It ended up as this one. I had not been drawing for months, but the result delighted me.



Sometime in June, I had to replace my idea of covering a movie theme. I just didn’t have enough technical know how of music composition and the means for my ideas to actualize—and it was only days from Her birthday, so I resorted to drawing a picture. After I took many pictures of it over the course of its alterations,  This, I believe, was the best version of it. It’s now screwed up. Thanks to my perfectionism.





One Sunday afternoon, things got pretty boring, so I picked up a pencil, I had been wanting to draw a picture of my niece with a touch of humor and absurdity. She is a Sumo wrestler on this one:Image

My Bastardized version of Butterfly artwork on the Mr. Bungle record California. I’d had a few failures over the past years of my attempts to draw it. This comes the closest to being a success.



Art speaks best when the usual words fail. I didn’t out to be the greatest artist out there, but I’m pretty sure that each of us has our own point/s that we need to get across. Don’t let your skill level limit your imagination.  Your lack of training shouldn’t bother you, either.  It just takes some heart, and a put a little more to your work. Your odds of getting understood increase tenfold.

*There are plenty of great artists out there that could kick my lame untalented ass on any given day.





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