Spent too much focusing on the working title that I couldn’t get this done.

Every day on TV land, we see tons of advertisements of what life should be.
Try to go outside, and you’ll see all-you-can-eat buffets getting your attention. As the Mayor of Swallow Falls says,” Bigger is better”

If anything goes wrong resulting from that lifestyle, we got hospitals to take care of us right?

Think again.

Quite recently, I was in the hospital. It was horrible.

My bosses told me to consult a doctor because my headache was affecting my work. It had been there for two days. So see a doctor, I did.

Aside from determining what might have been causing the pain ( Sinusitis caused by an allergy), the doctor was only able to give me a three- page prescription of god-knows-what-chemical-they-are-for.

He also advised me to take a drug that (supposedly) relieves the pain after two minutes. After eating lunch, I would take the pill (When the pain became unbearable). Those two minutes came, and– Voila! It only made me sleepy. And for the rest of the day I would feel like a light-headed zombie.

The year was only two months in, but I’d had a few illnesses. I just had to do something.

I’m no nutrition expert, but I’ve been with this body for 28+ years. Guess, that’s enough for me to have a good feel for my body. And besides, I have no love for letting a few people to determine my fate.

So I relied on my ham-handed knowledge, and gave it a shot.

Here are a few things that have worked: Home remedies; a diet heavy on fruit, vegetables nuts, and grains. Avoid dairy, fried food, and red meat.

Hooray for vegetarian restaurants and health food stores! They have certainly made it easier for people to be in-charge of their own health.

Or you can just side with the Mayor.



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