Started the day drawing a picture.

Humans are creatures of habit. It doesn’t matter whether that habit is good or bad. It is an action repeated many times.  One small action could take you for a slide down that rabbit hole.

Nowadays, it’s easy to get sucked into the troubles of inaction/laziness, from the distractions wrought by technology. Smart phones, Tablets, PCs scream for your attention, “look at me”.

Yesterday, I started my day with drawing a picture for the idea I’d had that Sunday evening— draw a profile picture for my Instagram account and for this blog. That picture would answer the thought, “what if my face were fused with that of a chimpanzee?” Sounded good on paper, but working on it was another story.

It was the first thing I did in the morning. Not the first, first  (hygiene first, of course); but making the artwork was the first thing I chose over activities such as reading text messages; and checking my Facebook, Instagram, and Emails for updates. In short, the goal: resist the urge to connect.



A little lesson on how to create a fake identity online:

I downloaded one of my pictures on Facebook (The one with my eyebrows knit, so I could be a badass just for once).



My phone’s web browser was also open for a picture of a chimp (No need to post one, right?).

A little alteration here and there, and I got the final result, thus avoiding its destruction due too much smudging of the nose with an eraser. Okay, drawing lessons over.

While this post is not about giving you drawing lessons (because I have never had one myself),  our good habits may/may not produce our best work, but it’s surefire way to produce your best self.

Time to work on it.


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