Fanboy me

As we only have a few hours before the year ends, I assume that you have watched or read countless stuff about the next year: fashion trends, celebrity predictions, and horoscopes. So watch out, Sagittarians! You will be prone to sore throats next year. *coughs


Now we have that out of the way, let’s have another common thing: flashbacks. This one won’t be any exception.


One thing that highlighted this year for me was meeting author Ransom Riggs (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children), because we have been a fan of anyone at a point in our life, right? Anyway, the story goes something like this:


I had arranged to meet a former colleague at a mall, so he could return The Real Frank Zappa Book. As we were talking outside the bookstore, I noticed a poster of a Ransom Riggs’ appearance and book signing event in Manila. It had been only a few months after getting my own copy of his book, and there was that chance to meet him? Wow!


When I checked the rules of the event, one could only join by purchasing a copy of his book from one of their bookstores. Those damn capitalists!


I had always known I was a peculiar. Just needed some kind of proof.


During the event, Ransom Riggs and I talked about “Spaceboy”, a film which he had made in USC as his thesis (after I had mentioned the name, “Carl King”, another favorite artist of mine whom he grew up with in Florida). He even took a video of a nervous me saying, “Hi Carl….”. And then, he shook my hand and said, “see you later” . In the end, I got home with two signed copies because he was gracious enough to sign both. By the way, the other copy didn’t end up on E-Bay or anything.




It was a proud moment there, because among the people there, I was probably the only one who knew his works from his early years as an artist. That “See You later” meant more than just a farewell; it meant that I had to do my homework, so the next time we meet, it won’t be some zero-accomplishment fan and a bestselling author.


We can choose what kind of fan we want to be: One who follows a rockstar everywhere he goes; or one who buys memorabilia of her idols, and collects their pictures, enough to make a wallpaper; or simply, one who is deeply moved by works of art, and in turn, hopes his future works affect his audience as much as those of the artists he admires while growing up. That pay-it-forward kind of thing.


As I end this story, I’d like to thank everyone for keeping me an entertained Facebook user. Wish you all a fruitful year ahead.  And you, as a fan, will use that inspiration to go beyond being a mere container for breath.


Be a fan. Do your homework.


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